Yoga Meditation Retreat

Meditation is the way of filling your life with positive energy, hope, focus, good thoughts and emotions, along with bringing about positive changes in health, well being and performance. Especially for those who spend more hours in office or facing extra work pressure and challenges in business, it is important to attend the yoga and meditation retreats offered in Zurich and worldwide by famous Meditation expert Mahima Lucille Klinge – Founder and CEO of Love Silence.

Yoga Meditation Retreats – What Does Meditation Bring to Your Life?

Inner peace and balance is the first thing that you will get after attending our classes and retreats. Mediation is a path of self discovery that will bring more peace, comfort and confidence to your life. It also helps in personal growth, interpersonal development, increasing motivation, understanding, compassion and a lot more. Learning to meditate is the way to ensure silence to your mind and will fill your body with a positive energy. It helps you stay ahead of the curve and let’s you enjoy the world.

Love Silence has been offering an exciting selection of high quality events from effective and innovative beginners’ course to full day silent retreats. Not forgetting to mention group meditations and sessions for couples. Regular group meditations in Zurich are provided. Yoga mediation workshops are offered for deep therapeutic work, healing and bonding for couples that seek more relaxation and passion in their love life.

Mahima has some fantastic ways of engaging her classes and individuals; while guiding newcomers and advanced meditators alike through an inner journey. Her style of meditation and the retreats helps people open up and experience the powers of meditation in a friendly, close and authentic way. After the amazing meditation retreat, you will leave feeling connected, revived and happier with the world.

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