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Dedicated services from an experienced Self Mastry Mentor

Have you been feeling really low emotionally and physically? Do you need to find your mission in life,  and have the courage to go after it regardless of whatever obstacles are in front of you? Do you seek peace of mind after a major loss or crisis?

You are at the right place, Love Silence is one of the most successful personal development academies online, commitment to supporting business professionals in becoming mindful leaders at work and in their personal lives.

About Mahima Lucille Klinge

Mahima is the founder and CEO of Love Silence a self-mastery platform that empowers business professionals to find clarity, increase passion, stay focused and work from being connected to evolved states of inner potential. Through Mahima’s Mindset training strategies, used by thousands of top performers globally, people discover the essential keys to influence and impact their environment.

Now in her 22nd year of mindset training and mindfulness teaching, Mahima already travelled to more than 100 cities learning about human behavior patterns and giving innovative workshops and retreats that leave people feeling realigned with their values, more confidante and comfortable in their own skin and most importantly, empowered, positive, focused, energized, calm and fired up for success in all areas of their lives

The main attractions of Love Silence

  • Every personal development coach in our community online has a specialization in how to assist their students to develop the power of positive thinking on a regular basis.
  • We wil focus you in different disciplines like compassion, open mindedness, humor and confidence. This is because we understand how to live a reduced stress life.
  • We involve you in a community of business professionals who are like minded and also seeking to live a more mindful life at work
  • Reasonable prices for the best personal development courses conducted by our highly experienced coach
  • Private Coaching facilities for those who seek customized path to their personal development
  • The prompt support from committed customer service.
  • Ever-increasing great recommendations and testimonials from former students and existing members

Our personal development courses assist you to

  • Totally transform how you think, feel and act to create the life you love to live
  • Gain clarity in your life purpose and mission, and accelerate success
  • Gain control over your mind and emotions to feel happy and carefree
  • Reboot your energy levels and feel powerful, wake up excited about life.
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