Silent Retreat

Our silent retreats are the best way of restoring your positive energy and staying healthy and clam, even if pressure is rising in your daily life. We offer you a unique mix of traditional ways and modern approaches for rejuvenating your mind, body and soul. Getting stressed out from more and more hours in the office, being challenged by the day-to-day business and private life, it is the most efficient way to relax and gain new power at a place full of tranquility and harmony.

This way of good and healthy living supports you in interpersonal development, personal growth, increasing motivation, understanding compassion and a lot more. It also helps you stay ahead of the curve and be a stronger leader.

We at Love Silence offer an exciting selection of high quality events from effective and innovative meditation and mindful courses to full day silent retreats. Our yoga mediation workshops and silent retreats will bring you deep therapeutic progress, more clarity and focus in your daily business and simply more love and happiness in your everyday life.

Mahima has some incredible ways of connecting her classes and individuals; guiding newcomers and advanced meditators alike through an inner journey. Her style of meditation and the silent retreats help people experience the power of meditation in a friendly, close and authentic way. After our amazing meditation retreat, you will leave feeling connected, revived and happier with yourself and the world.

All our retreats are held and guided by the highly experienced meditation expert Mahima Lucille Klinge – Founder and CEO of Love Silence and international best selling author.

Ready to step into a more powerful and happier you? Then contact us at Love Silence and registered your participation for our next silent retreat.

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