testimonials-1  “Meditation with Mahima was beyond what I expected. She taught me to let go without fear of losing control. It felt more than great & it became an unbelievable tool for me to catch my energies, ideas & visions running through my mind in my busy life. I learned how to feel my inner me. And this is just amazing.”Sandra-Stella Triebl, entrepreneur, publisher
testimonials-1  Mahima, this African Beauty from Zimbabwe, has an extraordinary presence and a very clear sight. I enjoy sitting and talking with her and sharing thoughts about ordinary matters of daily life as well as about spiritual fulfillment, awakening and making the world a better place. I love her presence. While her inside radiance matches her outside beauty and adds to it, it is so pleasant to see her moving without conceit, just simply, naturally, as she is – a human being. Sinking with her into silence is just delicious. Wolf Schneider, editor, Connection Spirit
testimonials-1 “Mahima is a wonderful teacher. She blends her deep knowledge of her craft with a soothing and relaxing calm that puts your mind at ease and makes you flow.  Her energy recharges you and leaves you with a warm, beautiful glow.” Laura Penn, PhD, Founding
Director, Communicating Environment
Author of “How to Enhance the Performance of Public Speaking: A Pocket Coach”​
testimonials-1 Mahima is born to do this work. She de-mystifies meditation making it easy and approachable for everyone. No matter where you are at, beginner or experienced, Mahima guides you to a place where you simply feel good and relaxed and where, the chatter in the head disappears or at least slows down.”  Leslie Kuster LCSW founder of Girl Power, workshop leader, speaker and CEO of Back from Bali
testimonials-1 “I spent an enlightening and wonderful personal mediation introduction session with Mahima. I immediately realized the value and positive energy of her work and what it could mean in my life. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised at the impact in could have on you.“Roman Gaus founder and CEO of Urban Farmers
testimonials-1 ”Thank you very much for your wonderful meditation sessions. Conscious living to me is living and being in the now. Sharing this moment together with you and others in positive energy is beyond. Especially I loved your Full Day Meditation Retreat. It was a great and amazing experience. So simple and so meaningful. You are special! Thank you that you became part of my life” Cornelia Ziegler ​
testimonials-1 As a TCM therapist I know that mind, body and soul are one and the same thing. Just different manifestations of our being. As you clean, maintain and train your body, you should also take care of mind and soul. Mahima’s type of meditation creates an easy access to our spiritual world. Using simple techniques, you feel closer to yourself and you arrive within yourself. This presence promotes harmony and equanimity. Silence and breath become to the vessel for “everything” possible. Friedrich Nietzsche already knew «The way to all greatness leads through Silence” Alex Keller, TCM-Therapist, Zürich
testimonials-1 “Mahima is an excellent meditation group leader, I have had the pleasure of working with her individually and in a group and I always enjoy the experience. She has a calm yet powerful presence, I am always impressed by how she is able to guide with ease and gentle humor, making everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. I highly recommend her meditation sessions for someone looking to find peace in our busy everyday lives.”  Selina Man Karlsson Founder and CEO of Curious Courses​
testimonials-1 “I am very grateful that I was blessed to get to know you Mahima. You have enriched the second Saint Germain Congress so much with your affection, warmth and your professional knowledge. Still Today the affects of meeting you are being with me. Great that you exist Mahima. ” Petra Rinow, Owner of Rinow Communication, Hamburg
testimonials-1 “In Mahima’s meditation I could quickly let go of any stress. The thoughts just calmed down and I felt secure. I became enveloped in the wonderful loving warmth of my true nature.” Angelika E. Meier, Organizer of  Lebenskraft – Messe Zürich
testimonials-1 “The meditation with Mahima was a special experience. Never have I been so deeply in the silence also for days afterwards I felt full of energy and positivity. Mahima’s ability to respond individually to each person is unique. Thank you Mahima! You do such great work!” Cassandra Strehler founder of Zentrum Amrita
testimonials-1 “Mahima is really in it, you can feel that she loves meditation, that she loves silence, this was very touching for me. When she speaks with you, it’s really that she is pulling out your strength. Wonderful. She is giving you something in your own hands. In the meditation she is holding a great space that you can go easily in it. Thanks a lot for your wonderful support, Mahima.” Ingrid Kwirant owner of event organizer business Berlin
 Mahima is a wonderful, inspiring, and extremely wise woman. I was very positively impacted and uplifted when I met her. I then intuitively knew she was someone that walks the talk and decided to participate in one of her meditation workshops. It was a wonderful experience! Mahima’s vast life experiences and intense spiritual journey has led her to become a strong yet loving guidance to people who are on their own spiritual search, practice or awakening. She easily makes meditation available to anyone, firmly defending the fact that it is for everyone, it is easy, and it is necessary.  I absolutely love her approach of life – cutting through the nonsense and excuses, contagious humour, and as her book titles states  “a Rebel’s Guide to Inner Peace.”  Daniela Franco, founder of Healing Journey
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