Weekend Meditation Retreats

Meditation retreats are the best ways of getting into a deep amazing inward journey to the core of your heart and well being. Open yourself up for relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating – for sustaining real happiness and improving flexibility and strength.

Weekend meditation retreats offered at Love Silence are second to none, bringing you numerous added benefits to stay powerful while calm, full of energy and at the same time fully at ease. Especially for those professionals who are busy in their office and business even without focusing on their health and family, our weekend meditation retreats and training programs are a highly efficient way to gain distinctly more clarity and focus in such a short amount of time by diving into a most spiritual and tranquil environment.

Learning to meditate gives your mind the silence it needs to process, collect and discover solutions, out of your busy schedule. Stay ahead of the curve and reap the benefits of mind yoga. At Love Silence all classes are run by the highly experienced meditation expert Mahima Lucille Klinge – founder and CEO of Love Silence and international best selling author.

We also offer an exciting selection of high quality events from effective and innovative group meditation courses to whole week treatments in the most tranquil and luxurious environments all over the world. Regular group meditations in the heart of Zurich, special couple retreats and a lot more. The amazing self-motivation and rejuvenating programs will bring you deep therapeutic progress, more clarity and focus in your daily business and simply more love and happiness in your everyday life.

Prepare yourself for a spiritual breakthrough and contact us now to register your participation for our next weekend retreat.

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